Advice of Mekong Delta


Tài xế mới
Advice of Mekong Delta. To the West you should first think about experiencing the water. You can go to floating market, or visit fruit orchards. In addition, visit the islets to listen to traditional music or enjoy coconut candy. When you go to other tourist destinations outside your area. The first thing is that you have to learn the characteristics, weather, climate, language, culture … of that region. Visiting forests and bird gardens are also interesting activities. This activity is also a specialty of ecotourism in the West. Do not bring in her beautiful beauty, splendid like any prosperous piece of land, but with the gentle and peaceful beauty and extremely hospitable people who have come to the West "do not want to return ". The West with a sunny and sunny climate all year round, the weather is mild, so most tourists come to visit every season. Each season coming to the West has its own unique and unique taste. In addition, you must plan to prepare what equipment/clothes you bring to. Moreover, it is also important to add your knowledge of where you are going. Therefore, BOMT will show you some tips to travel to the Mekong Delta.